Human Nature - Arcata Bay - California
The Arcata Bay is a natural wonder. It's beautiful and abundant with life and purpose.  It's a community of collaboration and conflict created by geological and biological processes. It's been shaped and reshaped as steadily as human motivation, need, and technology have permitted. 
My photographs almost always fall within a series that’s focused on the interaction of human culture and landscape. The series, “Human Nature,” consists of fifty images of recent work from the Humboldt Bay Trail (rail with trail project) and four years of the McDaniel Slough Project (salt marsh restoration), as well as photos of Jacoby Creek, Gannon Slough, Mad River Slough, and the Arcata Bottom.
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September 2017
Gannon Slough Morning, Arcata Bay, California, 8-12-17.
24" x48" pigment print

Gannon Slough Overlook, Humboldt Bay Trail, California, 7-30-17

16" x 16" pigment print

Komatsu, Humboldt Bay Trail, California, 7-3-17.
30" x 40" pigment print
Surveyor's Mark, Humboldt Bay Trail, California, 8-5-17.
16" x 16" pigment print
Culverts and Barnacles, McDaniel Slough, Arcata Bay, California, 9-27-13.
13.3" x  20" pigment print
Fallen Billboard No. 2, Arcata Bay, California, 5-9-14.
13.3" x  20" pigment print

For the Fallen Barn, Old Samoa Road, Arcata, California, 2-4-15.

13.3" x 20" pigment print

Fallen Barn, Old Samoa Road, Arcata, California, 2-13-15.

40" x 60" pigment print

Track's End, Northwestern Pacific Railroad, Arcata Bay, 6-9-17.

pigment print

Sierra Pacific Mill, Mad River Slough, California, 2-5-16.

30" x 60" pigment print

Gannon Slough Summer Day, Arcata Bay, California, 8-12-17.
 24" x 30" pigment print

Humboldt Bay Owls' Clover, Arcata Bay, California, 6-16-17.

pigment print

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